September 23, 2014

Hi, I'm Kimmo Modig, I'm an artist. Mostly, I talk to you.

I also do applications, curating (in the sense of putting stuff together), shows, reading, socializing, recordings, and projects.

email: tel +358 oo 363o64o

I compleated a new work with Jenna Sutela and PWR. It's called Applied Art, it's a linear web page, and you can see it here
On Sep 22, I made a gif. Click here.
Currently I'm working on a 90-minute play for Baltic Circle theatre festival. I'm staying in Moks residency for September and writing a diary about my life & stuff.
I just finished a new work, made in collaboration with Jennifer ChanShawné Michaelain Holloway, and Georges Jacotey, and titled DEEP4U. SEE IT HERE.
I run SUCH gallery with Jussi Koitela. It is located in Töölö, Helsinki. Here's pictures from our first show with Hertta Kiiski. Next up is Paul Osipow with Jaana Laakkonen
Took part in the group show Framework 1: extrasensory bonds @ insitu gallery, Berlin. I read cards and wrote this text for the show.
On 10th of June, I was talking in this Lunch Bytes event, and hey here's the draft/text I read there.
On June 6th, I was talking to you in Kiasma, Helsinki. The recoding is there below.
I was in Ptarmigan residency, Tallinn, writing a play.  Had a video at Kreuzberg pavilion group show 
Here's some projects I've curated or co-curated: 1, 2, 3, 4 
I was socializing in Athens with Georges Jacotey, and gave this speech there (hardly a performance?) at Frown space.
my videos (best ones) in youtube. i could put jesus on a payroll.
I wrote this nice thing some time ago.
here are my recorded diaries.
Jesse Darling interviewed me for Rhizome in December 2013.
Did some reading for Vibes collective in May 2013.

"Surrender" (paint, flag, 2013). Photograph by Paavo Lehtonen (2014).

Surrender (2013), pic by Paavo Lehtonen